Well this is nostalgia central.

Hello all - or no-one, whichever is more appropriate. I'm etchingtime (I'll work out soon whether I want to do the whole real name thing or not, this being anonymous and all), and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm trading up from Livejournal - the recent Russian shit set me on edge and I don't want to support a homophobic regime like that. Some people mentioned Dreamwidth, and the fact that it was having somewhat of a renaissance, and it sparked some interest.

I don't quite know what I'm doing here. I've always had this reflective, blogging urge within me. From like, 2008 - 2011(?) I kept a Livejournal - well, more like 4 - and that probably did me quite a lot of good. I abandoned Livejournal - fit to let my teen angst die its own death - and moved to YouTube. It was an experience, and I made some lifelong friends. But I've just stopped feeling the creative urge to make videos like I used to. It feels like a chore, like labour, much more than it feels like a cathartic endeavour. So I thought I'd circle back here. It seems to be what Livejournal was in its heyday, which - frankly - is exciting.

So a little about me is probably in order. I'm in my final year of university, studying Politics and Sustainability and about to graduate in a few months, currently finishing up my dissertation. I'm 21, and I'd like to be a social researcher in the long term. I don't know what I'm doing when I graduate. I'll probably apply to my Student's Union to be Widening Student Participation Assistant - but mostly, I'm just trying to bide time until applications for the ESRC 1+3 PhD studentships open again. 

I'm in a long-term relationship (4 years) with a lovely woman called... christ, I need to work out some alternative to naming. Any suggestions?Well anyway, we've been together since our second-to-last year of school (sixth form), and by some chance of fate went to the same university. It's been a great few years, and we live together at the moment, but for my sins, I cheated on her in September. She knows, we broke up for a short while but we're back together now and the wounds seem mostly healed but it's brought up a lot of our own shit for both of us, which obviously we need to work on.

Is there anything you'd like to know? I don't know what this is mostly going to be - this is just one of those things, I guess. Obligatory first post, some details, not too many - entice the reader, but, I guess, show, don't tell. 

What should I show?



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